DaF Intensive Course levels A1.1, A2.1 and B1.1

05.02.2024 -  

When? 4th-22nd March 2024, Mon-Fri, 9 am-12.30 pm

Where? Language Centre, Building 40, room 405 (A1.1), room 406 (A2.1) and 407 (B1.1)

Who? Open to all OVGU students / staff; 5-18 participants

Course Fees: 80€ students / 160€ staff; due date for payment: 26th February 2023

Online Placement Test: 

  • A1.1: no online placement test
  • A2.1: online placement test (before course registration!) or A1 OVGU Language Centre certificate
  • B1.1: online placement test (before course registration!) or A2 OVGU Language Centre certificate 

You can register for the online placement test and the course at Moodle from now to 26th February 2024.

Last Modification: 19.02.2024 - Contact Person: Juliane Pomraenke